Who is VLT?

VLT has over 35 years in managing and leading teams from ground floor startups to complex manufacturing plants. Our involvement enabled organizations to reach and surpass their strategic goals while developing current and future leaders.

Our Mission:

We grow confident leaders through simple, proven techniques.


Carey G MacConnell

Carey MacConnell has been in organizational leadership positions for over 30 years. She started her career working in the back room of an analytical laboratory as an individual contributor and rose to successfully managing an industrial manufacturing facility of over 400 people.

She successfully led business processes excellence to award winning levels, and changed company culture to embrace the Leadership Code of Conduct, which created success for many of her colleagues, financial success for organizations she worked for and instilled customer loyalty, safety, effective production and employee engagement.

Carey recently completed her book entitled: “The Leadership Code of Conduct.” She is a master at coaching for success, and believes that success is surrounding yourself with intelligent, driven people all leading towards an organization’s Cultural Revolution.

Carey has a wealth of knowledge that she wants to share, specifically on change leadership, trials, affects, tools and techniques, all that will expedite your abilities to refocus your team and reach your goals quickly, efficiently while enjoying yourself!


VLT partners with AgilityINsights when clients want a thorough, quick diagnostic tool to determine areas for increasing innovation and growth while reducing the risk associated with change.

Agility Insights logoAgilityINsights delivers advisory services through Diagnostic Mentoring with a thought provoking measuring tool for management. Within no time and through an online self-assessment, leadership teams decode the unused potential in their organization to set the right direction for its future development. Clients reach peak performance through people-centric leadership with insights on culture, leadership, and systems. Up to 120 metrics explain the story of an organization on how to reach goals for superior success. Learn More


VLT partners with Lisa Hershman and the DeNovo Group to assist organizations transforming their business through their proprietary Results Focused Management (RFM™) methods.

denovoAt DeNovo, we are not only thought leaders who pioneer concepts in organizational innovation but also leaders in the actual practice of transforming businesses. We incorporate end-to-end process redesign, enterprise growth strategies, scalability, speed to market, and customer needs into a customized approach to address our clients’ challenges and help them to achieve and often surpass their goals. Learn More


VLT partners with AssenTerra for clients that require implementation of regulatory compliance issues at their facilities.

assenterraAssenTerra is committed to being your end-to-end regulatory compliance partner by offering responsive and customized regulatory compliance consulting services. We have a proven ability to build, optimize, and lead regulatory affairs, compliance, and program implementations to promote long-term success while building consensus with internal staff and external clients. Learn More