Balance – What does it really mean in the work place?

It is the new reason why objectives do not get completed. Isn’t that what many of you are told? You have heard and read the all the articles that we, as Americans especially, are spending way too much time working. This really means, not unplugging from issues regarding work related situations. So for example, if I am a manager of a manufacturing plant, I am concerned about meeting production goals, as my personal performance reviews are based off of these, so I am consistently monitoring either via email, text, phone calls etc. how the plant is running, what pieces of equipment are operational, who called out and can their replacement operate the plant as efficiently, so I am not unplugged. I am always in tune to what is going on. Oh and by the way, my boss is going to ask me these questions, first thing in the morning so if I cannot reply to him with some knowledge, then it may be perceived that I am not doing my job. Work-life balance cannot be reached with these expectations.


Wrong! Balance can and should be achieved in any work space and in any environment. It is not about the time you spend on the job, (whether at home or at the work place) it is about how you utilized your people! That is right how you utilize your people.

Your organization should be designed where the right people, meaning they are in the position to make decisions with respect to their responsibilities, are in place.

Your team should be educated and trained on your expectations, utilization of tools, machinery, systems etc. so they are able to make decisions/changes as need without consultation and calling your for permission every time.

Your people should know their immediate goals and know them backwards and forwards.

Your people should understand (that comes from you!) when to escalate an issue and when they have the authority to make an immediate decision.

Your people will do a great job, people want to do a great job, they just need to be taught and allowed to carry out their responsibilities.

Your people expect feedback, recognition and support when they are marching down the right path, this keeps them motivated without having to call you all the time!

If you have taken the time to teach/education /train/provide feedback to your employees, as well ensure they are in right position for their talents, then

1) You will have the work life balance you desire and

2) You are truly a leader.

SO unplug (Turn off your phone!) because it will now be easy, after all you have now developed a culture that together you are working towards a common goal.

So enjoy – balance is possible!

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Written by Carey G MacConnell, Voyager Leadership Training, LLC