We are here to be Awesome!

Let’s face it, you are not here to be average, you are here to be Awesome! Who really wants to be just average? Average feels like a letter grade of a “C” – and there are two more grades higher which implies others are smarter. Which makes you feel better? If you are being rated [...]

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Ladies – Get Your Nails Done!

Ladies – Get Your Nails Done! Ladies, this is almost the best thing since sliced bread! Look in a mirror, hold up your hands, and see what they say. Ladies, go get your nails done! What does this have to do with leadership? Let’s think about leading from within…and I’ll start. I am in my [...]

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Everyday, people realize something, whether it is something brand new, or a reinforcement or renewal of an old theory or process. One thing is definite, throughout our lives we are constantly reminded about the importance of learning. As a child we are told: “You are a sponge, just soak up everything, your learning curve is [...]

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Why is Pharrell Williams the type of leader everyone would love to experience?

This season the hit reality show “The Voice” has a new atmosphere about it. At least I think so. I now watch it to learn how I can become more influential as a business leader. What techniques, styles, approaches can be used to influence the choices of the contestants in less than 2 minutes. My [...]

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What is the “Zombie Effect”?

What are some of the characteristics of your organization; does the word Zombie come to mind? What? Zombies? That may seem a little strong. Please remember, this is the season in the United States for pumpkins, witches, ghosts and yes Zombies, too! So let’s go with it….. Zombies could be described in the following phrases; [...]

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What Happen to Freedom of Speech?

This discussion may be slightly controversial, but we do live in the United States of America where we have Freedom of Speech, am I correct? So why is it that we have to be so careful about what we say and how we say it? It is so important that we do not offend anyone [...]

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Safe By Choice

In the manufacturing industry world, there is a common thread everyone, and I mean everyone, attends safety-training classes. The classes may vary in length, focus on new information or it could be a refresher class. However the process of providing employees with safety training is mostly driven by a compliance requirement. People usually sit politely [...]

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I want to be like Cramer!

Have you watched Jim Cramer? I do not mean Kramer from Seinfeld. I mean Mad Money Cramer! He has his own unique approach that coincides with his in-depth knowledge about hedge funds, the stock and bond markets, business investments and corporate evaluations in the USA and the world. He provides facts, trends, and personal insights [...]

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What does your communication style say about your culture?

Every company, department or team needs a leader. Leaders set the tone for the organization’s culture. That is a proven fact. Can you have a successful company without a CEO? Do football team captains play a major role in a winning season? Does a cruise ship need a captain to reach its destination safely? A [...]

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Does tradition inhibit change?

The holiday season is here, that means it is time for the traditional dinner, turkey, mash potatoes with gravy, homemade apple pie, cool whip and of course some vanilla ice cream on top! This is the start of traditions many of us will experience over the next several weeks. Christmas will arrive and my now [...]

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