A Leadership Lesson…

I learned a very valuable lesson many years ago that could have derailed years of effort. It’s one that I have frequently shared, as well as coached others that experienced similar situations. Here we go. Early in my career, I was promoted. I was excited about my next challenge, but sad I would be moving [...]

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What the TV show “The Voice” can teach business leaders….

This season the hit reality show “The Voice” has a new atmosphere about it. At least I think so. My reason for watching it is now more than just entertainment, something new has surfaced. Oh I still watch it to see the competition of new talent arise from an unknown to star status reaching the [...]

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I can’t hear you…

The last time you sat in the office with your boss, did you really, truly believe what he was saying to you? Or just let his words move in one ear and out the other? What about when you listened to your team’s thoughts on your newest proposal, which you believed was a great idea [...]

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