Leadership Focus

Leaders decide how they interact with others to get results. They need to learn how:

· Apply techniques to current strengths for real improvement

· Get feedback over time to increase likelihood that habits will stick

· Think and act like a leader

 “Leaders must attend to one key growth question: How authentically am I

showing up in the world  and in my organization?”
                                                                                                      Tom Gage

“Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.”
                                                                                                  Mark Twain

After all; if you enjoy what you are doing, the rest is simple!

Change Leadership

The Change Leadership is an important process to master in your career. Change is inevitable. It happens every day whether you like it or not; so the need to learn how to assess, develop approaches, take action and monitor your progress is critical.

As a leadership you need to understand what drives you, your team, and how to create a leadership mindset personally.” open=”no”]Team dynamics should be assessed for developing or reconstructing your high performance team embedded in your organization’s change (large or small). You need to prepare them for the future, thus changing the game to a win-win outcome.

Leadership Focus adam

Assess the Situation
• Risks, Obstacles
• Impact Analysis

Develop Your Approach
• Compelling Vision
• Change; Implementation; Integration Plans

Act on the Steps
• Communicate; Milestones
• Empower/Coach

Monitor & Review
• Monitor; Post Implementation Review
• Evaluate The Situation


VLT is passionate about helping others build their confidence and competence as leaders. 

Past Speaking Engagements

Business Leadership; Managing Change

Attendees were introduced to tools and techniques leaders use to coach their team through the four stages of change. By providing real life examples and simple ways to recall key learnings when the opportunity presents itself; attendees were inspired to apply changes immediately.

Safe by Choice; Leaders driving cultural conviction.

People want to make choices, especially when it comes to safe work practices. A company’s culture will drive the actions or lack of actions of its people. Leaders are the key. They are responsible to create a culture that will allow open, respectful choices by all; thus reducing safety incidents, as well as enhancing the overall performance of your business.

The Leadership Code of Conduct, which inspires the right behaviors to create a positive culture, resulting in strong employee ownership, respect of others, and freedom to make choices.


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