Ladies – Get Your Nails Done!

//Ladies – Get Your Nails Done!

Ladies – Get Your Nails Done!

Ladies – Get Your Nails Done!

Ladies, this is almost the best thing since sliced bread! Look in a mirror, hold up your hands, and see what they say. Ladies, go get your nails done!

What does this have to do with leadership? Let’s think about leading from within…and I’ll start.

I am in my late fifties. Although you are as young as you feel, I am entering the autumn of my life chronologically. I notice more people talking about “Bucket Lists” at this age. Or maybe more appropriately, this is the point in our lives we begin to identify dates to complete these items!

One of my bucket list items is to be an “Inspirational Speaker.” What do I mean by “Inspirational?” My definition is to complete a talk, whether in front of 5 or 500 people, and have three things happen:

  • people are energized
  • people want to use some of my presentation material
  • people will actually make some type of change in their lives based on my message

This is NOT an easy item to check off! I’ve had many experiences, but nothing earth shattering, nothing that would land me on the ELLEN DEGENERES show. However, my experiences have been genuine. They are a reality check of yesterday and today, lessons learned, and I believe people can and will relate to my messages.

Therefore, I have created a path, my list of strategic actions needed to complete this item on my bucket list. If you have other ideas or words of wisdom, please send them my way. I am open to suggestions! Here are my strategies:

  1. Write down my thoughts, experiences, situations!
  2. Join Toastmasters.
  3. Ask to speak, anywhere, for practice.
  4. Solicit meaningful feedback for self-improvement.
  5. Get my nails done!

WHOA, where did Number 5 come from! That takes us back to the beginning. As I said earlier, I’m in my late fifties and NEVER had my nails professionally done until my daughter’s wedding last week. Within an hour of admiring and tapping the longer nails on the table, I discovered my freshly-shaped, French- manicured nails had enhanced my self-esteem and self-confidence! The feeling grew exponentially. I felt as if I could fly!

How does this all connect? When speaking to a crowd, low self-confidence is one of the first hurdles to overcome, at least for me. Now, as a reminder, all I have to do is hold my hands up! Beautiful!

This was my trigger for gaining self-confidence. What’s yours?


Written by Carey G MacConnell

High Performance Leadership Results, Speaker, Coach, Consultant, Educator, Author of: The Leadership Code of Conduct, Culture Change Made Simple. (Available on Amazon)

Managing Partner; Voyager Leadership Training LLC




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