Everyday, people realize something, whether it is something brand new, or a reinforcement or renewal of an old theory or process. One thing is definite, throughout our lives we are constantly reminded about the importance of learning.

As a child we are told: “You are a sponge, just soak up everything, your learning curve is so steep.”

As a teenager we are told: “You must learn as much as possible, apply it and you will be successful in life.”

As an adult (fully grown) we are told: “If you stop learning you are dead!”

I am an adult, I am still learning; but more importantly, I often have revelations, wise reminders that have shaped my past and present behaviors. As well, these revelations will continue to mold my future interactions with people, the intensity of how I observe and learn. I want to share with you some recent revelations:

Sunday is deemed the day of rest for some, others it is the first day of the week! (remember)

  • I learned daily preparation for tomorrow will secure a greater chance of success.
  • Naps are common.
  • Encouragement seems to be more frequent in the beginning of the week. People are less negative, more proactive, and more energized.
  • There really is a “hump day” (yes, the camels had something to do with it)
  • A genuine smile cannot be replaced by a fake one.
  • I learned tomorrow will arrive. Rushing does not make it come any sooner.

Learn, observe, share! We can help each other – So what did you learn today?

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