Let’s face it, you are not here to be average, you are here to be Awesome! Who really wants to be just average? Average feels like a letter grade of a “C” – and there are two more grades higher which implies others are smarter. Which makes you feel better?

If you are being rated on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is terrible and 10 is Awesome, which one do you want to receive, a 5 or a 10? A 10 of course! If you received the 5, what do you do? Most likely you would refocus, train, and practice some more until you get that 10. Because you want to be Awesome!
Many people dream about the next big thing, you want it to be Awesome. Let me give you another thought specific to our daily lives. Let’s say you will be arranging a surprise party for your spouse. Do you want this to be average or an Awesome party?

Why is this so important to us? There are no absolutes for this question. I do, however, have some thoughts on how we can feel fulfilled with our achievements, large or small. If we are fulfilled, we are Awesome!
So what can we do to actively live inside this Awesome spectrum? A couple things to consider……

Be Comfortable in Your Skin.
This is not easy for many of us. Today we see pictures of the perfect bodies, glistening hair, perfect skin, popularity. Should I say more? We have been programmed to believe that you cannot be Awesome unless you possess these physical qualities.

We know this is now beginning to change. Today people are publically promoting that it is ok to be yourself, and diversity is good. We do not have to look picture perfect (even though people use Photoshop all the time) to be Awesome. You just need to accept and be yourself.

Being comfortable in your skin will make you feel better, which will move you along in the Awesome spectrum, but will this alone enable you to reach another level? Think about that one for a few minutes while we explore another thought.

Is Awesomeness your Perception or Someone Else’s?
I read once that people cannot make you feel small or insignificant, only you can make yourself feel that way. So let’s ask the question again, “Whose perception decides if a person is Awesome?”

Here are my recommendations:

• Awesome is a feeling which is continuously changing. You and only you can experience this feeling.

• You define awesome, no one else.

• Never look back, just forward. You cannot change the past. You can influence the future. Looking forward will allow you to focus on yourself and not how others perceive you. Awesome is your perception.


Next time you think that you are just average, stop and say, “But I want to be Awesome.”
What are you doing to be Awesome? Does your company provide Awesomeness training? A.K.A. – “Understanding yourself before you lead others.”

I would like to hear from you. As a matter of fact, I would like to collect this information and create our own Awesome book!

Please send me your comments, thoughts, approaches of what you do to reach your “Awesome.”

Written by Carey G MacConnell
Managing Partner @ Voyager Leadership Training LLC
Twitter: voyagerleadt