This season the hit reality show “The Voice” has a new atmosphere about it. At least I think so.

I now watch it to learn how I can become more influential as a business leader. What techniques, styles, approaches can be used to influence the choices of the contestants in less than 2 minutes. My education comes from watching one of the new coaches, Pharrell Williams. Here is what I have observed:

1. He has a calm demeanor which relaxes the artists while they are listening to him speak. Reducing stress even for a short moment, allows your listening skills to kick in and comprehend the conversation. Think about the time when you met with your boss during difficult times. If there was tension in the air, were you able to truly listen?

2. He compliments his competition. Pharrell truly wants to see that artist are successful. Whether or not they choose him or Blake, Adam or Gwen he openly compliments the value the other coaches can bring to the table. He provides examples and creates an atmosphere where the choice of the artist is based on alignment of their musical paths to the coaches’ area of expertise. He provides an outcome where the artist is happy about their decision. In business, how often do you compliment competition, co-workers, and teams even when it may take attention away from you? When you are on the receiving side and experience this, how did it make you feel, did you change how you made decision?

3. He is authentic, transparent and honest. Not that the other judges are not being themselves, however Pharrell is focused on presenting well-articulated constructive feedback to the artist, where the artist is almost thanking him for not choosing them to be on the show right now because now they realize they were not ready for this level of competition. In business these are three attributes that rank high on the list of leading characteristics of a leader.

4. The last point for today, he does all of this with a smile on his face. Watch as he delivers his message – then a smile. When awaiting for a response, he authentically smiles. He delivers empathy through his demeanor. Leaders should learn to embrace this simply but powerful attribute.

Business leaders in any organization should take note of these techniques. I now look forward to the leadership lessons Pharrell Williams is going showcase every week.

What about you?


Written by: Carey G MacConnell

Vice President and Co-Founder of Voyager Leadership Training LLC

Growing confident, competent leaders through simple proven techniques.

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